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Benvenue: Live Review

By Erik. C

July 31st 2010, Viper Room, Hollywood CA: We arrived at the Viper Room to witness the performance of Benvenue, a band based out of Berkley California. In support of their new EP, Benvenue drew out a lot of fans and friends for an exclusive intimate performance, which brought out a lot of energy and enthusiasm. These alternative metallers showed Los Angeles a performance not to forget. This band definitely had a great deal of integrity going on in their music, combining elements such as Incubus with real melodic tones, cords and hard heavy riffs similar to Rage Against The Machine. Benvenue don't care for the local trends and their creative efforts are extremely rare and powerful. The last note we would like to add is, you can appreciate the tremendous musicianship and professionalism this band maintains, and from what we could say, these guys will go far. Their performance was really amazing. Vocalist Francis pumped the crowd with such energy and they would also dance on stage and were interacting with them as a band. The crowd was really feeling their performances as there was a good crowd of people cheering for them and feeling the music. Followed by the new bassist Tommy Sonin who just recently joined the band 3 months ago and previously performed in LA. The band had lyrics we can all relate to about everyday life, and couldn't help it but to really listen to the music and feel the vibe. Benvenue are a promising band that we will definitely see in the future and we definitely recommend this band.

Check out the band's official myspace.

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