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CYNTHESIS: DeEvolution (Album Review)

By Kate Wilcox

Release Date: April 19th, 2011
Review Date: April 7th, 2011
Label: Candlelight

My rating:

    Track Listing:
  1. The Man Without Skin
  2. Incision
  3. Divided Day
  4. Shallow World
  5. The Edifice Grin
  6. Twilight
  7. A Song Of Unrest

The guys who make up Cynthesis are ones that have made a major landmark in progressive metal. Not only presently but also with their earlier project, Zero Hour, which many were very fond of. These talented musicians are Jasun Tipton on guitars and keyboards, Troy Tipton on bass and Erik Rosvold on vocals. Though Zero Hour had parted ways with Erik, when Jasun started creating material for Cynthesis he knew there was only one singer they could use. Drummer Sean Flanegan was the last piece of the puzzle for Cynthesis to be complete. The story behind this album "DeEvolution" is about a group of elite industrialists who find, brainwash and exploit an indigenous tribe's shaman as they believe he would be the supreme leader. By setting him up as having all the answers to society's ills the elites then use him to gain and keep control over the masses. This is a concept album which touches on issues that have happened in the past and are still happening today. Consumerism, religion, greed, politics, religion and media; everything that has been taking a toll on this world. Erik's vocals fit perfectly and you can hear his emotions change from confusion to anger to sorrow with each track. The music is technical and well executed; you can tell how well everyone meshes and makes it flow with style.

"The Man Without Skin" starts out with a mesmerizing rhythm. Erik's vocals are smooth and eclectic at the same time while Jasun and Troy's riffs play off of each other in a hypnotizing manner. "Incision" holds a very strong Tool influence as Erik uses his vocal style in a very similar manner as Maynard. "Divided Day" erupts with a force that was building up in the previous tracks as a barrage of incredible guitar, bass and drums is delivered in full force before it mellows with Erik's melodic singing, and a powerful chorus to follow. "Shallow World" is somber and Erik comes across brutally honest as he sings about us as a society not really being free but an illusion that we buy into. "Twilight" is a great instrumental track that puts Jasun's talents in the spotlight.

"DeEvolution" is a great album that's full of atmosphere and touches down on some heavy subjects that have been affecting us all in present day and will still be affecting us in the future. Prog metal fans will surely appreciate this and will be happy that Zero Hour has carried on in a new form!

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