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Distant Past: Alpha Draconis

By Kelley Simms

Release Date: August 9th 2010
Record Label: Unsigned

My rating points:

    Track Listing:
  1. Elemental Forces
  2. The New Lordship
  3. Single Warning
  4. The Interrogation
  5. The Powers That Be
  6. Demolition
  7. Trial & Error
  8. Refuse to be Denied
  9. Spare my Life
  10. Lost Colonies
  11. The Serpent with the Double-Edged Tongue

Swiss progressive/melodic heavy metal band Distant Past are on their third full-length release, Alpha Draconis. They have a cool sound but is hard to pinpoint or compare exactly who they sound like. But their influences run deep with classic metal, '70s progressive rock, NWOBHM and '80s metal. There are progressive parts, spacey parts and thrashy parts. It's a well-blended concoction of all the great components of hard rock and metal. There's elements of IRON MAIDEN, HAWKWIND and THIN LIZZY thrown together, while still remaining fresh and creative enough to not be a clone of any of their influences.

The mastermind, driving force and producer behind Distant Past is Adriano Troiano (bass, vocals), who formed the band in 2003.

There's a science fiction concept that runs through Alpha Draconis with its lyrics, song titles and cover art. The music is not overly technical or difficult, except maybe for some the guitar solos.

Opening track "Elemental Forces" is a good enough song, except the chorus gets repetitive and annoying. It's a heavy song with some good tempo changes. "The New Lordship" opens with some cool bass leads and some MAIDEN progression. "Spare My Life" has a MAIDEN "Remember Tomorrow" overtone to it. The guitar leads on "Demolition" are so well- layered and very similar to Steve Howe of Yes, that it definitely cements their '70s progressive rock influences.

My gripes are that some of the choruses are too repetitive and are not interesting enough. They're memorable, just in an annoying way, and not very creative or clever.

Because DISTANT PAST are an unsigned band and they don't have proper distribution, they will probably unfortunately be buried in obscurity.

Which is a shame, because they have a lot to offer and I hope this album's greatness spreads to more global metalheads.

To buy the CD and for more information, check out their official website.

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