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Accept: Blood Of The Nations

By Brianna Brackett

Release Date: September 14th, 2010
Record Label: Nuclear Blast

My rating points:

    Track Listing:
  1. Beat the Bastards (5:23)
  2. Teutonic Terror (5:12)
  3. The Abyss (6:52)
  4. Blood of the Nations (5:36)
  5. Shades of Death (7:30)
  6. Locked and Loaded (4:27)
  7. Kill the Pain (5:46)
  8. Rollin' Thunder (4:53)
  9. Pandemic (5:35)
  10. New World Comin' (4:49)
  11. No Shelter (6:02)
  12. Bucketful of Hate (5:11)

I'm sitting on my metal throne feeling a bit under pressure with everything that I need to complete on my own and wondering if Accept needed all these years as well to complete their new album, "Blood Of The Nations". Accept was well-known in the 80s with their fast tempos, brutal and yet simple riffs and some added aggression that the thrash metal bands had in those days, which I wish I was able to eyewitness. Accept was founded by lead vocalist Udo Dirkschneider in his hometown of Solingen, Germany, sometime in the 70s but it took him a few years before that band was fully created with guitarists Wolf Hoffman and Gerhard Wahl, bassist Peter Baltes, and drummer Frank Friedrich back in those days and over the years, members have changed. Growing up with my mother, I've heard great albums like "Restless & Wild," "Death Row", "Broken" and "Balls To The Wall" and she still listens to them with me even today. After 14 years of hiding they banged out their 12th album release, "Blood Of Nations". To me it's a great privilege to sit here and write a review on one of the bands that I am growing up on.

I don't understand why some people get angry when a band from the past takes a few years off and comes out with killer album years later. To me this is exciting because I've never had that opportunity to witness that back then. But I can do so now in years to come, will get to share my memories and my stories with the generations to follow after me. It was about fourteen years ago when they released their album "Predator" and I wasn't even born yet. Although, this new album Blood Of The Nation is not with the original line-up that I wished for with vocalist Udo Dirkschneider, Accept have carried on even with new members.

Opening track 'Beat The Bastards' already shows you what the band is all about nowadays and it's a songs that just asks your neck muscles to be tested. And there are many more of those killer tracks to be found on this album, like 'Teutonic Terror', the single track 'The Abyss' and 'Locked And Loaded' to name a few. The record is filled with beautiful riffs and at times very well built-up guitar solos that are just plain awesome. It really makes my day to see that my favorite German metal band back at the forefront of the metal scene again, capable of reliving the times of 'Breaker' and 'Restless And Wild' to an extent. If you're into well-played traditional heavy metal, you can't escape Accept's new album 'Blood Of The Nations' this month! Welcome back, guys!

As I took a listen to their track "Beat The Bastard" my mouth completely dropped to the floor. Mark hailed it with his vocals and then some. He isn't just a New Jersey man anymore but a metal vocalist who will gain a lot of respect from many old schoolers and from my generation. His vocals are fresh, powerful and in your face with conviction.

Mark's vocals on the second track, "Teutonic Terror" are more down and gritty with force that reaches levels that are remarkable and if any one who can appreciate a metal vocalist, it's me. What really caught my eye is the sick multiple chorus that made me replay this song. I just had to hear it again.

"The Abyss" reminds me of listening to Fight's 'Into the Pit' type of song but with more force and a loving the raspy vocal chorus. I can hear a lot of Halford influences running in this song. I love how in the middle of the song they bring it down with a smoother vocal approach and the piano piece is tasteful. So far this is my favorite song. I can vision the heavy mosh pits happening before my eyes. It rips!

"Blood Of The Nations" is one heck of a killer song. Peter's bass lines and Hoffman's guitar riffs leave me drooling for more. Then come "Shades of Death" and "Locked and Loaded. During both of these songs I can imagine Halford getting on stage with Mark and doing a killer performance together. Mark has great power within his voice that is going to shine and make many fans go into frenzy. As "Kill The Pain" changes the pace with an excellent acoustic section , "Rolling Thunder" brings forth riffing that is extraordinary, while bringing it down to mid-tempos with synchronized guitars in "Pandemic" and then crunching it with "New World Comin'".

Hoffman is showing his extreme side of howling the fretboards on "No Shelter" and "Bucketful Of Hate" which reminds me off some of the old Accept with them riffing it up and ripping it apart on the fret boards. Mark's vocals are just on top, on point and wailing it out from his guts. This song has great melodies and a great way to end this album.

It's always hard to fill another band member's boots but Accept took risks and Mark's vocal approaches are completely different from Udo but I'm satisfied with his offerings and style that is filled with a new flavor of good vocal ranges and high pitched metal screams. The rhythm section consisting of drummer Schwarzmann and bass player Baltes is very nice. Hermann and Wolf represent accomplished and endowed guitar duos. This album keeps the Accept vibe that I've known as I'm growing up on and fond of. My neck is sore from spinning my head around form this excellent album that got me in the mood for more metal.

To buy the CD and for more information, visit the band's official website.

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